The 1000 Years Show

This is the new home of The 1000 Years Show 

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In the mean time you can access the Kings & Queens (of England) Song on YouTube HERE

The song is a read-along and the lyrics are supplied. A great learning aid for Lockdown.

The shows began at Leicester Guildhall with a 20 minute long, five shoe per day run, in March 2015.

Two more shows were added in the same year. The first was The Magna Carta Show celebrating it's 800th anniversary and the second was a 25 minute mini-musical based around the Battle of Agincourt on it's 600th.

The 1000 Years idea came from the song Kings & Queens of England which spans 1066 to 2066, allowing present and future themes within the limits of the show.

The first outing of the hour long 1000 Years Show was performed at The Brighton Fringe in May 2018 and since then longer versions of the show have been rolled out.

Other themes and characters were added, such as, The Battle of Hastings, The Great Fire of London, Lady Jane Grey, Neil Armstrong and The Moon landings of 1969 and Cryopresevation in addition to 'written to order' material for specific shows.

Covid came and stopped the project in it's tracks but now we're back and hoping to carry on where we left off.

Please note: the shows are all family friendly but generally suit those who are interested in the subject of History.

Next public event:

Sat 25 June 2022 - Leicester Grammar School Open Day (11pm-4pm)