Stand-Up Workshops

Since 2002 Anthony King has led workshops in Stand-Up Comedy. He is employed by Leicester Comedy Festival in the role of mentoring and work-shopping contestants in their annual Stand-Up Challenge.

It doesn't matter if you're a newcomer to stand-up or if you have some experience, any level is fine.

The workshops and mentoring are 'creativity based' and concentrate on creating your own, original, material alongside developing your stage persona.

If you are are interested in mentoring or commissioning a workshop please use the contact form below.

"His input was focused on adding value to my act, by way of him either sharing new ideas, developing the literal content of my existing material and often throwing in something completely left field that shed a new way of delivering a great line"
- Andy Morris (De Montfort University)
"The series of workshops made it easy for my first performance in the stand up world. It was like i'd already done 50 gigs"
- Richard Holmes (Workshop attendee)
"As part of the challenge we were assigned a mentor – at first I wasn’t sure how you could be taught to be funny, but it was less about that and more about giving you the tools to have the best chance of developing your style and conveying your humour.
Chris White - CPMG Architects Limited.