The purpose of this site is to list information on smaller music and comedy/stand-up events in Leicester and Leicestershire. 

The lesser known and publicised events are not always easy to find as they have less financial clout.

Here you can find those close to you whether you live in the area or are visiting.

It can be harder for smaller venues to get the word out in the shadow of bigger venues but often the quality at local gigs is just as good and they often book the very same acts.

You'd be surprised at the quality of professional acts that regularly play venues in pub rooms and village halls around the U.K. and now Micro-pub are promoting comedy too. 

Recently, acts such as Alfie Moore (It's a Fair Cop - Radio 4), Laura Lexx (Live at The Apollo) and Scott Bennett (Midlands Act of The Year 2018) have graced the stages of tiny venues in Leicestershire and are all back soon!

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The site is run by Anthony King - a comedian with over 30+ years experience and a resident of Leicestershire. 

Previously, Anthony ran the award winning Leicester Stands-Up and has written and performed award winning shows throughout the UK.

Basic listing for events is free but if you can make a very small donation to help with running costs it would be most apprieciated. You can also boost the prominence of your event for a small donation.

Thank you.